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Position: Master student (Xi'an Jiaotong University)

Tel.: 0512-88161420


Academic Departments : Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Contact: 111 Ren Ai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park Suzhou, Jiangsu Province , China 215123


I got my bachelor degree from Xi’an technological University in Communication Engineering. While studying at the school,I have learned Digital signal processing, Modern Communication Theory, Modern wireless Communication technology, Data communication and network, C Language and so on.At present,I have studied matlab and c++ by myself,i am desiring to study other programme languages about the research. I am very interested in C Language and Digital signal processing.What’s more,it’s a good opportunity for me to improve my spoken English,at the same time,it can excitate me to learn professional knowledge well. In my leisure time,I would like to reading and listening songs.I can get on well with my classmates so i think we can get along very pleasant in the following days.At last,i wish to continue my study and research with Prof.TILLO in image processing and in English.I have nothing to offer but blood,toil and sweat.
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