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Contact: 111 Ren Ai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park Suzhou, Jiangsu Province , China 215123



  • 2009-2010: Master of Research in Advanced Wireless Communications Systems (SAR) at Paris-SUD 11 University with collaboration of SUPELEC University, ParisFrance.

  • 2004: Bachelor of Science in Communications Engineering at HIAST (Higher Institute for Applied Science and Technology), Damascus - Syria.

Professional Interests

  • Video encoding and decoding for transmission over wireless bandwidth limited channel.
  • Video processing techniques on DSP platforms.

Professional Experience


R&D engineer at the department of telecommunication - (HIAST):

Signal Processing:
  • Implementation of the Regular Pulse Excitation Long-Term Prediction (RPE-LTP) speech coding algorithm using DSP platform (using TMS320VC33) programming in C for processing power management.
  • Design and implementation of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system used in vehicles using adaptive filters.

Image processing:
  • Implementation of JPEG image compression using DSK6713.

Digital Communication:
  • Study and Simulation of UWB Communication System Using DS-BPS Modulation Technique using Matlab.

Radio Communication:
  • Development of wireless communication systems.


  • Master project “Creating Arbitrary Propagation Channels for Testing MIMO Systems using signal processing techniques” (SUPELEC).


R&D engineer at the department of telecommunication - (HIAST):
  • Development of GMSK modulator and demodulator for efficient partitioning of DSP tasks on Low power platforms.
  • Design and implementation of ambulance sound detection system on DSP platform (using TMS320VC33).

  • Graduation Project: “Study and Implementation of GSM Full-rate speech transcoding using DSP kit (TMS320C30)”.


  • 2009: Assistant teacher of digital signal processing (practical sessions) for 5th year students of communication engineering (using DSK6713).

Skills and Qualifications

  • Image/video processing: Good knowledge of Image compression standards JPEG, JPEG2000, and video compression standards MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and H.264, also good background about watermarking and steganography.
  • Digital signal processing: speech coding and decoding techniques applied in Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), digital adaptive filters.
  • Programming languages: Matlab, C, C++, Visual Studio C#.Net, OPENCV,VHDL.
  • Operating system: (Windows XX), LINUX.
  • Other tools: Code Composer, HTML, Latex, Microsoft Office.
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