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One paper on rate adaptation algorithm for VBR videos was accepted by the IEEE transactions on Broadcasting

This paper is written by Li YU, and supervised by Tammam Tillo and Jimin Xiao. This paper has been accepted by the IEEE transactions on Broadcasting for publishing on the further issue.

This paper mainly works on the Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming over HTTP (DASH), which has become the de-facto video delivery mechanism nowadays. Standards like MPEG-DASH
defines the bit-streams conformance and decoding process, while leaving the bitrate adaptive algorithm open for research. So far, most DASH researches focus on the CBR (constant bitrate)
video delivery. In this paper, VBR (various bitrate) video delivery is investigated in the on-demand streaming scenario. Detailed instant bitrates of future segments are exploited in the proposed adaptation method to grasp the fluctuation traits of the VBR video. Meanwhile, the adaptation problem is formulated as an optimization process with the proposed internal QoE goal function, which keeps a good balance between various requirements. Besides, the parameters within the internal QoE function can be tuned to guarantee the flexibility of meeting different preferences. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed QoE-based video adaptation method outperforms the state-of-the-art method with a good margin.



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