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14/07/2017 One paper on Multiview video streaming using ConvNet was accepted by the IEEE transactions on Multimedia (Link)

19/04/2017 One paper on 3D coding using global motion was accepted by the IEEE transactions on Multimedia

19/03/2017 One paper on rate adaptation algorithm for VBR videos was accepted by the IEEE transactions on Broadcasting

17/03/2017 Li YU has passed her Ph.D. defense in March, with the decision of a minor revision for her thesis

30/04/2016 One paper on Deep Learning accepted in ICME 2016 (ICME 2016)

15/03/2016 One Ph.D. student's paper accepted in EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing


The Multimedia Technology Laboratory is a team of researchers led by Professor Tammam Tillo, working at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of the Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University (XJTLU), Suzhou, China.

Our group's research interests are in the field of Multimedia signal processing and 3D technology. In particular, our expertises include image and video coding, data compression, error resilient video coding and 3D video processing.

During last 7 years, our lab had published more than 18 IEEE top journal papers and we currently have four research grants funded at national and provincial level, with a total amount of research fund more than 2 million RMB. We have a dynamic, simple and comfortable research environment.

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